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Dental implants

Dental implants

Dr. Acosta is a great expert in dental implants, using the most avant-garde techniques.

The implants offered by Dr. Acosta have a revolutionary surface inspired by nature, favoring rapid osseointegration.

How are the implants placed?

It’s very easy and fast. It is carried out with local anesthesia and after a few weeks (depending on the cases) the measurements are taken and the crown or prosthesis is placed on the implant.

Is the fixation secure?

Implants are the best solution to the lack of dental pieces, because they are integrated directly into the bone.

How will I find myself during the healing time?

The recovery is immediate or very short, since later days only notice small discomfort.

When can it be implemented?

Implante con una pieza
When a single tooth is missing An independent implant is placed covering the hole of the lost piece.
Implante dos piezas
When several pieces are missing. A bridge is placed on implants.
Implantes todas las piezas
When all the pieces are missing. A complete prosthesis is fixed on a certain number of implants, guaranteeing comfort when chewing, speaking and smiling.
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