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Implant surgery

Implant surgery

The surgery of implants guided by computer computer implies a virtual planning of the treatment to be carried out. This is executed exactly in the mouth of the patient thanks to a surgical guide that indicates the position, angulation and depth of the implants as previously planned in the computer. In some cases, by having the position of the implants in advance, we can also have made the temporary prosthesis for the immediate loading of these implants. Thus, the patient removes implants and teeth in one day and in less than an hour.

Guided surgery is especially indicated for cases of total rehabilitation in patients who have already lost their teeth. It is also recommended in patients with alterations in coagulation.

The diagnostic, planning and implementation functions allow us to fully control the treatment parameters. In this way, they can select the optimal implant position. Biomechanical, functional and aesthetic needs, as well as bone quantity and quality in the selected place, are fully integrated in the decision-making process.

Fast and effective treatment

It is the fastest and most effective system for performing dental implants. With this technique, implanting is much quicker and easier for the patient, who does not have to suffer a prolonged postoperative period and who sees how in just 24 hours he makes a normal life without discomfort or scarring.

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