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Tooth whitening

Aesthetic dentistry

Tooth whitening is a revolutionary aesthetic (cosmetic or cosmetic dentistry) dental treatment that reduces the original color of dental pieces by several shades, leaving teeth whiter and brighter.

Teeth whitening can be done in our clinic or at home, although it is not possible to buy the same treatments (especially in terms of concentrations of active ingredients) for personal use and some specialists warn about possible damage to the teeth if They use these in high concentration without the prescription or the follow-up of a specialist dentist.

The whitening of the teeth allows to eliminate most of the stains produced by drugs such as (tetracyclines) or by extrinsic causes such as tea, coffee and other infusions, cigarettes and red wine, among other substances and foods. However, not all dental stains or obscurations can be removed.

Complementary treatments

Usually a whitening is performed in the Clinic that lasts approximately 1 hour, with which the patient already sees significant changes and a complementary treatment is indicated in the home, with the respective indications of the dentist. This treatment at high concentrations can be repeated as a maintenance after a time, depending on the severity of the spots or pigmentations that the patient presents.

In general, although it depends on the condition of the teeth of each patient, it is important and necessary to perform a complete dental cleaning prior to the teeth whitening.

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